Ocaña Barcelona by Ocaña SL { 22 images } Created 5 Nov 2012

Ocana, always a freedom defender, was a leading character of a lot of alternative movements of the Spanish transition in Barcelona during the 70's. The artist started as a house painter and ended up painting with fine brushes on canvas. He was born in 1947 in Cantillana, a village in Sevilla. But Barcelona was clearly the best stage of his own life. He lived at Plaza Real next to Ocana. His balcony was well known for its Altar dedicated to the virgin of "La Asuncion" and for being always full of flowers. Ocana is located in Plaza Real, one of the most charismatic places in Barcelona. The meeting point for bohemians and artists, it is always full of tourists and visitors. The square represents Barcelona's life in his purest form from the early morning hours until the night. Ocana adds to this mythical environment, bringing new energy and helping to restore the magic atmosphere of the past decade.
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